About Us

Because of the efforts of our Players, and our Coaches, we are expanding into all age groups.  The 2021-2022 Vermont United Season will offer a U8-U19 Girls and Boys Soccer playing opportunities.  That means we will have u8, u10,u12,u14,u16 and u19 teams in both genders.  

This season we are happy to announce the addition of a Goalkeeping Coach!  Gordon Dixon will join Vermont United as the Academy's Head Goalkeeping Coach, working with all age groups.  Gordon has an extensive resume as a player and Coach, in and out of the State of Vermont.  Most recently, Gordon has been a part of 10 straight State Championships as Head Coach and Assistant Coach for Stowe High School.  In his last season at Stowe High School, Gordon guided the Stowe Raiders and Goalkeeper to an undefeated season allowing just 4 goals against.  We are all very excited about having Gordon on board!  We will release new Coaches names and resumes as soon as next week, stay tuned.

We are excited about having your player play with us this coming season!  We want them to play with us!  I promise we are working hard to make our Soccer experience better each year.  As always, your feedback is very important and I hope everyone feels comfortable reaching out to me with any questions.

As we expand, we will need new players.  As a Coaching staff we are happy with our teams and have been impressed with their development.  We would love to continue to build numbers to strengthen the group and keep things fresh.

Thank you everyone!  We are very proud of what we are doing and we are proud to have you be a part!  We appreciate you!