Youth Training Program U8 (2013/2014) & U10 (2011/2012)

This program is designed for the new and experienced youth soccer player.  Each session will have a progression of skills from week to week.  Each session will focus on individual ball handling as well as decision making skills, to build a sound technical foundation.  Near the conclusion of the training session, children will have a chance to showcase their skills in small sided games.  It is our belief that fun, high energy, focused instruction, builds a love and passion for the game.  The Head Coaches for the program will be Angie Faraci, Wade Jean, Andrew Lafrenz and Brian Buczek.  With a combined 75 plus years of College and High School Coaching, your children will receive instruction from some of the best in New England.  To learn more about Brian Buczek, the Founder and Co-Owner of VTUSA, as well as the rest of our coaches, please click here!

Vermont United Soccer Academy is committed to providing progression based technical direction.  VTUSA wants to mentor young players to be efficient with both feet and make positive decisions under pressure.  We believe creating relationships with their Coaches, Players and Community members is as important as winning.  We are in our first year of focused training throughout the winter and it is our belief that there are enough soccer players in the area to have this opportunity.  In Lamoille and surrounding counties, we offer an outlet for our children to train on a consistent basis, with high quality Coaching.  As the program grows, we will be able to enlarge our numbers and expand into larger spaces.