Player Commitment

Welcome to the club!

When you choose VTUSA we also choose you. 

Players are introduced to their age bracket team and head coach.

Players are expected to train with their team and head coach as together they develop teamwork, team connectivity, team concepts and team strategies along with individual skills. 

Here is what a player season looks like by month...

December to March - We begin our training season indoors come December 1st. During the winter months the player will have two training sessions a week (with the option for more individualized instruction as well.) We honor and recognize all holidays and school vacations as training free and/or optional training sessions for families staying in town. Our indoor training facility is located at the Top Notch Tennis Center in Stowe. (Please note: the younger the team the earlier the training time, the older the team, the later the training time.)

March to April - We move our training sessions to the turf field inside the Stowe Ice Arena. Players can expect the same team training sessions twice a week with the option for more individualized sessions with coaches. Training times are relative to age levels.

May to June - Players head outside for two training sessions a week. The training facilities are located in Morrisville at All Saints Catholic Academy (formerly BJAMS), in Stowe at the Polo Fields, and in Waterbury at the Dascomb Rowe fields. Teams will train in one or two locations depending on where the coach and the majority of the players reside and also field availability. Training times are relative to age levels.

May to June - Players are playing in the VSA Spring Soccer League - players can count on every weekend game on either a Saturday OR a Sunday, OR sometimes both Saturday AND Sunday. The VSA league play begins the first weekend in May (4th & 5th 2024) and continues until June (8th & 9th 2024).

June - Players are playing in the VSA league and also one local tournament. Game takes place on the weekends. There are many other happenings in the state. Remember the spring season is short for club soccer as well as high school sports. There are a lot of conflicts to work around so please plan for a busy spring schedule.

June - The Alliance Cup tournament is a staple for all of our teams so players commit to the weekend of June 29th & 30th 2024.

Summer Camp Included - June/July/August - this year we are including a choice of one summer camp for each player. Please take advantage of this special offer and when the time comes you will choose which summer camp fits best into your schedule.