About Us

VTUSA will focus on year round training and playing opportunities for the Student Athlete who would like to elevate their play. We are a club that focuses on the young athlete. We will start a year round training and playing opportunity for ages 6-14. At the ages of 6-10 (Girls and Boys) we will offer 2, 10 week sessions during the winter as well as clinics throughout Lamoille County in the spring and summer. In the 12 and 14 year old age group, we plan to train these players year round and compete in the Premier League. The highly professional nature of our coaching staff will allow us to educate soccer players with a strong foundation in technical and tactical ability. Our success will not be measured simply in wins and losses but also by how our individuals and teams develop and mature as young players and community members.

To learn more about Brian Buczek, the Founder and Co-Owner of VTUSA, as well as the rest of our coaches, please click here!